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Buddha Hill Stay, Gudi-Paroda

Buddha Hill Stay

Day Package and Night Stay in Dormitories or Camping Tents. It covers an area of 38,000sq mtr with 70% forest best suited for Trekking. We have a 5 km trekking trail where by we reach to a height of 250 mtr. Activities at the Buddha Hill, Goa

1. Get Blessed with the Buddha Darshan on top of the Hill.
2. Gigantic Pandava Rock where it is believed that the Pandavas used to dine here during their exile.
3. Umbrella Rock.
4. Rock Garden
5. Waterfalls

A perfect location for enjoying day picnics with friends, families and work colleagues, club members, community groups, mahila mandals etc.

Address :  Buddha Hill Goa
Behind Dr. Neville’s Dance Floor
Gudi – Chandor road
Gudi – Paroda

Contact : Rajan Lotlikar – 9822121824/8805876314 Pratibha – 9822535039 / Affi – 8669127526