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Nagesh Dirt Ride Farm – Cavorim, Chandor

Nagesh Dirt Ride Farm You can do Bike Ride or Cycle Ride on the Tracks. The Area is surrounded by 3 side water where water is available for 365 days where Fishing can be done with serene surroundings, ready Agro Tourism project can be conducted and seeds can be given and will be grown under our supervision and necessary charges will be applied for the use of organic farm.

A perfect place to spend the day with authentic Goan–organic food; You can try your luck fishing with a fishing rod at the water body around the farm. If you are lucky we will cook the same catch for you.

Proposing to have a sheath-Kodi at the farm with homegrown organic rice. Minimum 25 people required to arrange the picnic.

Address :

Nagesh Dirt Ride,
Near St. Anthony Chapel,
Behind Multipurpose Hall,
Cavorim, Chandor, Goa
Contact : Rajan – 9822121824, 8669191816, 8805876314